The structure of the CCS CARGO SHIP Group allows to offer transport services Door to Door, integrating Road and Maritime Modal, customizing logistic solutions and managing the information flow.

In addition to the integrated logistic using Intermodal Terminals strategically located in regions concentrating the cargoes, we connect the port of Santos to the major cities of São Paulo, ensuring cargo integrity, safety, agility and punctuality. We do the same in the most important ports in Brazil, covering South / North / South, connecting inland cities.


Our Intermodal Terminals are used as intermediate storage area, with competitive cost and flexibility to collect and deliver the cargo in accordance to the convenience of our customers.


The different modalities Door to Door, Door to Pier, Pier to Door, Pier to Pier give the customer flexibility to decide for the most convenient local of collection and delivery of the cargo.  Below, some benefits to use CARGO SHIP Group as Multimodal Operator:


  • Emission of CTMC-E (Electronic Multimodal Bill of Lading);
  • Possibility of using our own containers for punctual routes, saving costs of Demurrage, Detention and Storage;
  • Our local offices and affiliates are responsible for releasing and clearance of Electronic Invoice with the local Authorities (Sefaz, Suframa);
  • Fleet of modern trucks, tracked and monitored by GPS and suitable for various types of goods;
  • CARGO SHIP is certified as Multimodal Transport Operator in the Brazilian Authority - Certification Number: ANTT 0491-0512.


Our CARGO SHIP Group performs a diagnosis of logistics operations, identifying the opportunities for the best way to align the business' strategy to our customers.  We project and plan customized solutions focused on reducing the costs of logistic, but always attending to the lead time needs of the customer.







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